Consultation & Design

The installation of an efficient irrigation system starts with a good design.We provide professional consultation and design with our very own Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) in both Golf and Landscape systems.We firmly believe that with our global resources of expatriate irrigation specialists added to the strength of our local professionals,we will be able to provide a complete range of service to all our clients.

Irrigation Audit

Auditing your irrigation system is as important as the initial irrigation setup. As a system ages, changes occur and the need to ensure your current irrigation system can still perform as desired will definitely be necessary. An audit will not only report the functionality, performance and efficiency of the irrigation system as well as updating of new technologies to compliment the existing system.
Therefore, you will be assured of an irrigation system which will always service you well. At Christensen Irrigation, we not only believe in good irrigation setup but also the primary function of the system, which is to provide convenience, functionality and profitability for as long you own it.


Our Trading Division can meet all your irrigation needs. These include imported pipe & fittings, valves, sprinkler heads, filters, controller components, rain & moisture sensors, etc. At our Toh Guan Store, we hold a large array of inventory items including solenoid coils, satellite controller modules, sprinkler head spares, valve boxes, etc.


Over the years, Christensen Irrigation has built up a reputable list of local/overseas project references ranging from multi-million dollars projects to small turnkey residential/commercial landscape projects. Our approach is to constantly upgrade our field crews and support staff so as to equip them with the most current techniques and information, which will in turn improve the quality of their workmanship and service standard.

Service & Maintenance

We provide prompt call processing, on-site technical support as well as flexible service plan designed to meet your every needs. Our service crews are a dedicated team of professionals specialized in providing solutions pertaining to all irrigation related issues. Our expertise range from system configuration/initialization ,hardware/software repair and regular maintenance(monthly/quarterly).Christensen Irrigation currently has a pool of clients in our maintenance program who are from the Golf Courses, Singapore Turf Club and also residential property in various districts of Singapore.

Trouble-Shooting Services

All of us at Christensen Irrigation are dedicated to ensuring that your installation is problem-free for as long as you own it. To guarantee that, all your enquiries will be process in the most expedient and professional manner.

GPS Mapping

GPS is widely used all over the world especially at golf courses for the purposes of navigation, surveying,and mapping. Course features such as fairways,tees,greens,buggy path,buildings,trees,outline of water features,etc.are mapped. Due to the small size of all the irrigation features,separate ,mapping is also available for surface irrigation sprinkler heads,valves boxes,quick couplers, satellites controllers,etc.and even main pipeline,lateral pipeline as well as other underground services. Benefits of having this service will not only provide you with an actual location of the entire development and features,but also allows you to identify a specific location or feature for upgrading/repair at your fingertips. Today’s highly advance Irrigation Central Control System also integrates such maps to help the user access the system remotely & conveniently with total control.

Turnkey Fertigation System

In today’s irrigation system,the quality of your crop or turf doesn’t just depend mainly on watering but also the optimum and efficient use of fertilizers. Through utilising the precise applications of fertilizers from a well designed fertigation system,you can be sure that the overall labour and operating cost will be reduced. The growth of your crop will be healthier and harvesting will increase. Installing and operating such systems is not limited to only golf courses and agricultural facilities,but also have been extended to benefit landscapes at commercial buildings,nurseries as well as some residential developments.

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